Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do I book?

A. To book your Tour in Bangladesh with The Tiger Trail;

1 Email, Fax or call to inform us your :

a. dates of your visit
b. the kinds of experience you would like to have or name our listed tour
c. the level of accomodation (to suite your budget) you require*
d. inform us of any special needs such as dietary requirements

2 We shall return to you with a No Obligation quote and make any necessary suggestions

3 After you decide on the chosen itenary, you are requested to submit the name of all the guests together with full address, telephone / e-mail, indicating the number of participants along with a deposit of 50% of the tour fee (individual booking) and 75% of the tour fee (group booking).

Q. Am I suited to travelling in Bangladesh?

A. We recognise that some of our travellers have never been to Bangladesh before. You can be rest assured that we will treat you as an individual and will customise the trip and guide you through the formalities where needed to ensure you have the most pleasureable trip in the country.

Q. Are The Tiger Trail holidays child friendly?

A. While several of The Tiger Trail trips, cater for children, some of the holidays are adventurous by nature, and so may not be appropriate. Please consult us for further advice on the particular holiday you are interested in

Q. What does the tour cost include?

A. Depending on the type of tour you're on, most meals, entrance fees for sights, tolls, transport, fuel, accommodation, The Tiger Trail tour guides and drivers, local and specialist guides where required, as detailed in each itinerary.

Q. How do we travel?

A. Again, depending on the type of tour, transport will vary according to the terrain and is part of the fun of the trip. It can range however, from our luxury buses to air conditioned trains, riverboats, to 4wd vehicles, planes, baby taxis, rikshaws and even the occasional ride on a bullock cart. This variety provides excitement and interest and creates a more authentic experience.

Q. Is the itinerary of my tour likely to change?

A. All itineraries are suggested only, It is unlikely that the company will have to make any changes to the clients suggested tour, but the arrangements are planned in advance. Occasionally changes may be made, which the company reserves the right to do at any time. Most of these changes are minor and the company will endeavour to advise the client of them at the earliest possible date. Whilst The Tiger Trail endeavours to follow all itineraries there may be times where due to unforeseen circumstances we will have to alter our route or timing. This can be something as simple as road works or public holidays however we will do everything to ensure that all sites as per the itinerary are visited.

Q. Can I get more detailed information about my tour?

A. We will confirm your itenary with you beforehand, on the day our guides will give you a breakdown of the tour, and our luxurius "private journeys" will come with a customised brochure as standard.

Q. Are the tours physically demanding?

A. It depends on the type of trip you undertake. Some tours, such as the treks in Chittagong or deep Sundarbans expiditions are a little more strenuous, however the vast majority of the tours are well within the capability of most healthy individuals.

Q. Am I required to take Malaria tablets?

A. Please consult with your local doctor if you are visiting a known malarial area, they will recommend a suitable prophylactic for the area you are travelling to. Please note that no prophylactic offers 100% protection so other precautions such as covering up in the evenings and using insect repellents are recommended.

Q. What vaccinations am I expected to have before travelling?

A. We recommend you consult with your local doctor/travel clinic for up to date information on which vaccinations are required.

Q. How much spending money should I expect to take with me?

A. We suggest passengers budget for between £5-30 / $10-50/€7-40 per day for personal expenses, including souvenirs, evenings out, snacks and alcoholic drinks etc. Also budget for any optional excursions you wish to do on tour. ATMS/Credit card facilities are limited outside the main city centres so do not rely on these as a source of cash though they can be used for paying some optional excursion and in emergencies.

Q. Do I need travel insurance?

A. Travel Insurance is recommended for all tours worldwide to cover personal accident, medical expenses, cancellation, curtailment and repatriation.

Q. Can I charge my digital camera or phone/laptop on my trip?

A. Facilities may be available in some of your hotel rooms or and most types of plugs can be used in our office. However, please check with us first, remember to bring your adapters and we strongly advise to bring spares!

Q. What advice can you give me in regards to photography whilst on tour?

A. On tour everyone takes pictures to relive the memories of travelling, this can be great fun. Take care of cameras by keeping them in a sealed bag when not using them to avoid the dust and weather getting to them. The average amount is normally 2 x 36 exposure films per week or 256mb card for digital cameras. We also ask that photos are taken with the utmost respect, as some of the locals we pass through are camera shy. There are also many areas where photos/video cameras are forbidden such as border posts, airports, military installations as well as some bridges, dams, and museums. Listen to your Driver or Tour guide when they point these areas out.

Q. Whilst on tour, what facilities will be available for me to communicate with home?

A. Email/Internet cafes can be found on some routes and are the cheapest way to communicate with family and friends. If you do not already have an email address set one up before you go, Yahoo! and Hotmail are the most popular. Some café connections can be slow and in remote areas it is still fairly expensive so ask friends to refrain from sending any emails that have pictures or music to download. This way you can make the most of your time telling everyone about your travels and still have time to fit in sightseeing. Phoning from abroad is expensive wherever you travel and often lines can be bad, email bypasses a lot of these problems and lets everyone know where you are. However rest assured our guides carry around a mobile phone to receive emergency calls.

Q. What essential documents do I need to bring with me on tour?

A. The following items:

Valid Passport – must have a valid visa. Keep a separate photocopy.
Vaccination certificate Travel insurance. Keep a separate photocopy
Cash and Credit Cards, Keep numbers and proof of purchase separate
Flight tickets
Emergency contact numbers, banks, insurance, family contacts.

Q. How safe are my belongings and valuables whilst on tour?

A. All Tiger Trail Tour busses are kept secure whilst parked overnight. Most hotels have safes either behind reception or in the rooms. Please note that all items placed in these safe boxes are done so at the individuals risk, The Tiger Trail takes no responsibility for such belongings. Do not take unnecessary valuables with you and avoid wearing conspicuous jewellery. In crowded areas make sure all bags are zipped and keep your hands in your pockets to avoid pickpockets. A concealed money belt is the best way to carry belongings when travelling to meet the group or when out site seeing.

Q. Can The Tiger Trail cater to my dietary and medical requirements?

A. If you have any food allergies or if you are a vegetarian please inform The Tiger Trail office at time of booking and your guide prior to departure. If you require any specific foods which are only found in certain health shops please take a supply with you as we cannot guarantee these in areas of limited supplies. Please inform The Tiger Trail when booking your tour of any medical conditions that you may have, so that we can cater to any requirements this entails and advise our crew.

Q. Can you give me more information on the accommodation I am to expect whilst on tour?

A. All accommodation are in hotels or guesthouses. We have put a lot of thought and effort into locating the most appropriate type of accommodation for each tour. It will always be clean, comfortable and of the highest standard locally available. But be prepared for basic facilities in remote areas.

Q. Why should I book throughThe Tiger Trail rather than booking the tour myself?

A.There are five main reasons to book through us;

(i) our first hand knowledge of the regions and attractions that even locals do not know about!
(ii) having one point of contact for all arrangements
(iii) value for money
(iv) comfort in knowing that our company has been operating since 1997
(v) our reputation built up in the Diplomatic circles, NGOs, Multinationals, Airlines and all the Tour operators of Bangladesh!

The The Tiger Trail team has sourced and selected the best hotels, airlines and activities from around the country and has first hand experience of everything on offer. For a holiday or experience we sincerely believe that you can’t afford to have anything go wrong the time you start your break.

Given the level of agreements we have put in place with our suppliers we are confident you should never have to pay more than you would by arranging the trip independently (that’s of course assuming you had the time in the first place)!

Q. Can The Tiger Trail arrange corporate and incentive trips?

A. Our longstanding customers include Major US, UK, Asian (Chinese, Japanese and Korean), and European corporations, NGOs and from the diplomatic circles. We arrange standard limousine service, regular custom and VIP treatment at preferential rates.

* subject to availability

Q. How many people will be on my tour?

A. It depends on the type of tour you choose, where and when you want to go.

Q. What sort of people travel with The Tiger Trail?

A. People travel with us from all walks of life and from all parts of the world. They range in age, and a few are solo travellers along with couples, families and friends touring together. Many are from our partner agents abroad, or our regular from Multinationals Corporations, Diplomats and their friends or families and the local public.

Some are more experienced than others, but all share the spirit of adventure.

The Tiger Trail - Tour operator of Bangladesh