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Dhaka tours from US$25

Cox's Bazar (3 days & 2 nights) from US$225

Sylhet (2 days & 1 night) from US$80

Rajshahi (2 days)from $105

Airport "Meet and Greet" from $3

Corporate Services

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Visit and Travel around Bangladesh with The Tiger Trail. We are one of the largest tour operators of Bangladesh.

Since 1997 we have built up strong relationships with European, Asian and North American travel and leisure companies and in fact many Bangladeshi tour operators use our services.

Our multilingual (English, Bengali, Malay, Cantonese, German, French) guides , the largest selection of luxurious vehicles in Bangladesh, quality hotel and restaurant to name but a few of our services. Contact us for a customised quotation.

One Stop Shop

Multinational companies (International Banks), British Chambers of Commerce, Diplomatic Circles, NGOs and Bangladeshi corporates rely on our One Stop Shop service for meet and greet, hotel, food and trasportation service so they can carry out the business they are here for.

The Tiger Trail is your perfect partner in this largely undiscovered country.

Bengal awaits your discovery...

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The Tiger Trail is a tour operator of Bangladesh. Travel around Bangladesh with The Tiger Trail in confidence. Discover people with their old rituals and customs, visit ancient temples and mosques, stay at luxurious hotels or experience village life, relax in some of the finest beaches in the world.

Exotic wildlife, delicious fruits, and a cultural melting pot; Bangladesh is serviced by some of the major airlines in the world and is undiscovered by mass tourism. Discover it.