Tailor Made...fire your imagination

The Tiger Trail has a list of standard packages to stir your imagination however to experience Bangladesh better or see that little extra or see some of the hidden gems off the beaten track we suggest customising your visit#.

(images of a typical Bangladeshi wedding and future Bangladeshi Tiger Cricket Players?)

This could start with our "bolt on" services such as:

* Connecting India/Burma or Nepal
* Go shopping at boutiques
* hiring a photographer/video camera person capturing stunning memories
* Use a 4 wheel drive to reach the inaccessible parts of the coast
* Talk to specialists in Botany, Entomology or History
* Join local fishermen in catching your next exotic meal
* plough a field or join the herding of cattle at dawn

Or add some amazing new experiences such as:

* visiting a local musical show, theatre or wedding
* experience the serenity of life in a village
* participate in the colourful traditional wedding
* Take the turn off the main road and visit old temples
* Go further to see lifestyles that has yet to be impacted by technology
* Spend time with a mystic
* Design a Saree, join in with local carpenters or even a dance group!
* spending some time at an NGO seeing how their work makes a difference

Just contact us with dates of your expected travel, the number people in your group and the experiences you would like to return with and we will compile a list of ideas for you choose from#.

# Certain activities may be restricted due to the seasonal availability or unforseen events. However we will do our best to offer an alternative experience.

The Tiger Trail of Bangladesh offers the finest tours. Whether its standard, custom made group or private journerys, The Tiger Trail can offer this with luxury travel and source the best accomodation to suit your budget.